Letter from the President

Thank you for your interest in USP Holdings, Inc. We take immense pride in helping you achieve your business goals.

In the past few years, we experienced rapid growth by adhering to teamwork, integrity, and dedication. These principles are ingrained in what we believe to be our key business elements: competitive pricing, superior quality goods, and punctual delivery.

Our skilled team, combined with strong connections to mills located all around America and other parts of the world, will make sure that you are absolutely satisfied with your product and delivery schedule. When we receive an order, we follow through every step of the way to cater to your specific needs under any circumstance.

We at USP Holdings, Inc. emphasize reliability and value every relationship we have with customers and vendors, because we recognize that your success leads to our success.

I would like to thank our current customers and partners for their continued support and confidence in us. As to our prospective customers, we look forward to earning your trust.

Most Sincerely,

MS Kim

President and CEO